Tenugui cloth for the reward of subscription to "Nanao" magazine.
雑誌「七緒」定期購読継続特典 手ぬぐい


The kimono magazine "Nanao" and Todaya, founded in 1872 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, produce this annual subscription special item, I was in charge of the design of the traditional " Chusen" tenugui (hand towel).
The long, fluttering braids are studded with traditional Japanese motifs, The ends of the braids, dancing in the wind, are transformed into a " Chidori " (staggered birds).
着物雑誌「七緒」と創業1872年日本橋の「戸田屋」 が毎年購読継続特典として作る、
伝統手法「注染」 の手ぬぐいの図案を担当しました。

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